Torch Honey Graham 60ml (2 pack)


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Sit by a fire and take a hit of this amazing blend that will most likely remind you of camping. Torch is the name of the e liquid that will be delicious and sweet. Anvil E Liquid is the collection this blend is from, and there is no surprise as to why it tastes so good. Once you take a hit of this blend, you will understand why many people are going crazy over it. The graham cracker flavor will give you a crunchy sensation that just makes you want to start chewing away. You enjoy a good cracker, but you never tasted it like this before. Trust us, your friend’s store brand snacks are not going to give you a similar sensation to this e liquid. As you continue to inhale, the honey notes will become recognizable and just melt in your mouth. Eventually, the creamy milk flavor just begins to move into your palate and you cannot help but salivate. Fall in love with the whole experience and its unique trip. When you exhale, you will be exposed to several obnoxious just flowing out of your mouth as if they were running away from something. The clouds will get pretty big, so you better be ready to have room for everyone. Within seconds, you will be surrounded by this amazing scent that simply satisfies every nerve you got. It will be a little hard to see your cloudy friends leaves because they are beautiful to watch and smell, but now you will be able to take another hit and enjoy the whole trip all over again. The scent will linger while you take another big hit that appears to be better than the last. There is nothing better than helping yourself to a treat that puts a smile on your face.

Primary Flavors: Graham Cracker, Honey, Milk

Package Contains: 2 x 60ml Bottles Of Torch By Anvil E Liquid


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