Fresh Farms E-Liquid (Salts)


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Barnyard Berry
Imagine waking up as the sun is rising to pick plump blueberries straight from the vine for your morning breakfast. Just to be able to go back to a simpler time when fresh truly was fresh. Well, now you can indulge in that orchard taste with Barnyard Berry – Fresh Farms Eliquid 30ml. It combines farm-fresh blueberries with the perfect sprinkle of crunchy, sweet sugar in order to satisfy your berry cravings like crazy.

Those who chase tangy fruit flavors will adore the burst of tongue-teasing tartness that emerges on the inhale. The juiciness of this flavor is absolutely sublime, soaking into every taste bud while soothing the thirst. The exhale sprinkles the sweet tooth with pure white sugar.

Morning Melon
Nothing soothes and refreshes like a blend of juicy, ripe melons. The perfect fruit that you can most certainly start the day off with. But if you’re on the go, it could be a bit messy trying to eat them quickly. That’s where Morning Melon – Fresh Farms Eliquid 30ml comes in. It hits the spot over and over again thanks to its luscious cantaloupe, honeydew and watermelon flavors. Crisp, sweet and cool notes glide across the palate before quenching your thirst on a profound level.

Each inhale offers up a trio of melon goodness that dazzles and tickles every single taste bud. Its refreshing nature quickly becomes apparent as the juice trickle down your throat and drenches your tongue. Its sweetness becomes more prominent before a hint of creaminess satisfies you on the exhale.

Strawberry Farm Cake
Are you looking for a dessert flavor that tastes like it came straight out of grandma’s kitchen? You know , the type that’s hot, fresh, and oh-so richly irresistible. If those cravings are really starting to kick up, Strawberry Farm Cake – Fresh Farms Eliquid 30ml is what you need. It allows you to indulge in a sweet treat without any feelings of guilt. A buttery shortcake is topped with fresh strawberry slices and velvety puffs of freshly made whipped cream.

As soon as you inhale this magical flavor, the tangy, bright taste of perfectly ripe fruit dances in your mouth. It become increasing sweeter thanks to a sprinkle of sugar. Then, the moist cake flavor flows over your tongue with its rich and savory taste. As you exhale, whipped cream melts into your taste buds.

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Barnyard Berry, Strawberry Farm Cake, Morning Melon

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